Title: The Doom WAD Reviews v0.12 screenshots
Filename: levels/reviews/d1rev0bg.zip
Size: 615.29 KB
Date: 03/07/98
Author: Colin Phipps
Description: These are a set of reviews for single play of all the new levels for Doom 1 on ftp.cdrom.com beginning with the numbers 0-9 or with the letters A-B.

I am aiming to review all the levels on ftp.cdrom.com. I have released those that I have done so far mainly so people can comment, and perhaps reveal any problems with the reviews.

The reviews are all in HTML. I am no expert, but most of the stuff should work with any browser. I know it works with Internet Explorer 3.0.

The reviews come are in two ZIP files, which should hopefully be somewhere near this TXT file. These are:

D1REV0B.ZIP - The reviews themselves. This is all you need to see the reviews. Approx 131Kb.

D1REV0BG.ZIP - Some screenshots of some of the better levels. If you download these, they appear beside the reviews, to give a real feel to some of the levels. You don't need these. Approx 615Kb. You have to download a copy of D1REV0B.ZIP to get the reviews themselves.
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