Title: The PWAD Reviews
Filename: levels/reviews/reviews.zip
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Date: 07/12/94
Author: the PWAD review committee
Description: An ongoing effort to review EVERY PWAD OUT THERE! This file contains about 70 in-depth reviews and 20 short reviews, with a quick reference and overall scores at the front for comparison! This document is still in the making, and new reviewers are welcome! Now 92 Pages!
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This is dated July 1994, from a time when people were still excited enough about Doom to write level reviews. Imagine! It's interesting to compare the reviews with my own experiences, e.g. they also liked the opening room from id=152, and they also had trouble finding the red key in id=23, so in general reading these reviews made me feel as if I was reaching out to a bygone generation of long-dead brothers. Fair brought a tear to my eye.x
For those of you that want to read this 101-page document: don't. Pretty much every shitty '94 map was good in these guys' minds. If wow.wad existed back then, you can be sure that these reviews would mention the "great art" and "challenging progression" in it. 3/5 (o wait im reviewing reviews lol)x

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