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A World in Strife: Raiding the Dam
A large single player level for Strife. Features an mp3 soundtrack written specifically for it (a high quality download of which can be found on the DW forums post No re...Date:03/25/10
Size:11.78 MB
Author:Adam "Khorus" Woodmansey

Island of Peril
A old short mapset made for a contest hold on zdoom forums 2 years ago of creating a project under the 64 kb file size limit. Many things are been done for that contest, including this little thing by myself and many other awesome stuff by other pe...Date:03/26/18
Size:48.8 KB
Author:Walter "daimon" Confalonieri

Return of The Order (STRIFE)
This is something new, a Strife wad! The Order has returned and has taken over your headquaters. Its up to you to stop them agian. NOTE: PLEASE SEE "KNOWN BUGS" BELOW....Date:12/15/04
Size:434.71 KB
Author:Samuel 'Kaiser' Villarreal

Day of the Acolyte
You wondered though the wilderness, searching for food until you were spotted by an acolyte. The remains of the Order lurks within a small complex, planning their war with Blackbird and the rebels. Suspected as a spy, you remain in their detention ce...Date:02/10/06
Size:489.37 KB
Author:Samuel Villarreal (

The Silenced Lamasery
The first Strife pwad available on the internet as far as I know. This is a good size deathmatch level that should be suitable for anywhere from 2 to 8 players. Two player performance tested with a 700mhz comp connected to a 120mhz comp with a 1920...Date:07/26/03
Size:49.4 KB
Author:Mike Fredericks (Gokuma)

Rusty Shekels For Cinnamon Sap
This is a large vanilla map made for the game Strife that makes use of a rather extensive SeHackEd patch. The changes are listed in a separate text file....Date:11/05/22
Size:1.08 MB

Strife: Absolute Order
You wanted it, now you've got it, a 6 map hub for Strife. Requires a Zdoom compatible source port. A rough story? Well ok. Despite the main threat of the order being defeated, there are many other towns still under their fragmented rule. The front ...Date:11/15/12
Size:23.48 MB
Author:Adam "Khorus" Woodmansey

Strife: Low on Ice
Six maps for Strife: a hub, three shorter maps, a larger piece and a progression stopper finale. Does not require VE, but does require the latest GZDoom. Includes a modified palette, difficulties, coop, DM, and a custom OST by yours truly. *hardware ...Date:01/01/24
Size:747.36 KB

Strife: Absolute Anarchy Deathmatch
This is a slightly modified beta 1 release from 19/05/14. Current beta contains 13 dm maps and 2 ctf maps. Strife: Absolute Anarchy is an attempt to create a smooth, streamlined multiplayer deathmatch experience for Strife. Contained within this ...Date:12/08/14
Size:919.94 KB
Author:Captain Toenail

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