Title: Strife: Absolute Order
Filename: levels/strife/sabord.zip
Size: 23.48 MB
Date: 11/15/12
Author: Adam "Khorus" Woodmansey
Description: You wanted it, now you've got it, a 6 map hub for Strife. Requires a Zdoom compatible source port.

A rough story? Well ok. Despite the main threat of the order being defeated, there are many other towns still under their fragmented rule. The front now has the resources to send agents to these outward places and attempt to destroy what's left of the tyranny. You have arrived in the small town of Sweetwater, where what few people survive live a near meaningless life that is under constant threat.
Credits: Esselfortium - The music to the map "Void" (map15) is a remix I created of a piece of music of his called "Mobildethvan". Gez - For helping me with Zdoom stuff Xaser - He seems to like my stuff Anyone that has given feedback and played this project or any of my other work over the years.
Base: Ganymede E1 Base Ganymede E2 Khorus' Speedy Shit Map contributed to Back to Saturn X Base Ganymede: Complete Secret map to Snakes' project Unholy Realms
Build time: Approximately 2 and a half years, though other projects were worked on during that time.
Editor(s) used: Doom Builder 1 and 2 (have made the switch to using only 2), XWE, Slade 3 and Reason + DSI Mopho analogue synth for music
Bugs: None known, feel free to share any and I'll do my best to update the .wad
Rating: (12 votes)
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DooM Soul
This is one of the niftiest wads i've ever played. The new monsters and weapons are cool. x
Line 601 has no front sector The following lines do not have a front sidedef: 601 You need to fix these lines to play this map.x
My god.x
another masterpiece from Khorusx
First area is very detailed. Unfortunately none of the peasants have anything useful to say. After finding the card to the next area the sewer tunnel ended up crashing me out citing line 601 doesn't have a front side and it needs fixing. What i saw looked pretty good as a town area/hub, but the fact that the wad broke makes me go wtf.x
My only gripes with this are the lack of custom dialogue and the ending. Otherwise, it's pretty good.x
It being a release for Strife alone should warrant your consideration, but AO just so happens to be an expertly crafted set of maps. Khorus demonstrates his passion for the game as well as a real understanding of balance in gameplay, and the end result is sheer, unadulterated awesome. This is how you Strife! [4.5]*x

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