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Date: 01/02/96
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Finally !!! I've been playing this one now for almost two months, painfully improving my time second-wise - 'But why the heck!?', I hear you ask, 'You *do* already keep the record for this one ...' Well, there's a small background story you might not know ... ;-)

< NewsFlash > Initial entry 4.56 ... Anthe scores (huh, huh) 4.23 a few days after ... me quickly doing 4.10, BiGMoutH talkin' in the .TXT ... Anthe records 3.54 only three hours after that :-( S.;-) puts some, erm, really nice Admin. Notes in my BiGMoutH.TXT ... Anthe wants to wait with uploading ... < Weather > ... NOT!!!

So, I had to do something to justify my shameless BiGMouthiN' - I decided it would be a .LMP (duh! ;-). BTW I recommend to read the .TXT - just to know what this is about! I mention something about 'still room for a few seconds improvement' - < 4.00 woulda been one hell of a time two months ago ... ;-)

I *did* include a .BAT with this, 'coz S.;-) takes good care of all the newbies out there. :-) However, I'm convinced that every serious LMP'er (like Anthe and me) has a highly-sophisticated one of his own to handle this stuff - right? ;-)

Thomas aka ZlatkO ThE GoDFatheR


PS: I recorded this yesterday evening at work - on my new P90! :-) At home I only have a DX2/80, so the hardware *does* certainly make a difference (okay, okay, I know - The Steffinator plays on a DX/50 ... but HE has an advantage - he IS The One and Only - The Fabulous - The Incredible ... Steffen.EXE !!! ;-) But nevertheless ... Credits go to Hewlett-Packard Company (my beloved employers ;-) , for providing this Hell-Of-A-Smoking DooM-MachinE I recorded the .LMP on - and for Fast'N'Free .NET access of course! :-)

PPS: This recording has been done WITHOUT ANY SOUNDS - that's the weak point of my P90, it doesn't have a sound card (why would you need one at work anyway? ;-). The PC Queeker Sounds are pretty annoying IMHO, so I didn't turn 'em on either ... some really strange experience - The Silence of DooM ... !? ;-)

[ These lines are reserved for S.;-)'s 'Admin. Note:' - I expect some pretty nice excuses for that nasty stuff in my E1M3-410.TXT here ... ;-) ]
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