Title: e1m3-410.zip
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Date: 11/14/95
Description: -)

Okay, so I won back one of the levels Anthe stole from me - E1M5 will follow soon, hopefully. There is, however, still room for a few seconds improvement, as some scenes didn't work as usual ... And now two short personal messages:

To Anthe: Better stick to DooM II, Oida - obviously good ol' DooM is still *MY* game!!! ;-)

To S.;-): Hey, it's really fun to constantly keep your CURRENTs outdated - I've done it again! ... :-)

I *did* include a .BAT with this - 'coz S.;-) takes good care of all the newbies out there. :-) However, I'm convinced that every serious LMPer (like 'Anthe' and I) has a highly-sophisticated one of his own to handle this stuff - right? ;-)

ZlatkO ThE GoDFatheR aka Thomas


PS. For those Non-Austrians amongst you (are there any? ;-) - "Oida" is an Austrian slang word, literally translated it'd be "old one". Its meaning is similar to "..., man!" or "..., dude!". Bye for now!
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