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Date: 08/07/96
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Peo broke my old 38-minute run of this episode, and I really didn't want to do this again since it was boring and Quake is more fun (since it's new territory and all that, I still think DooM is more catching), but I had 30 free minutes before watching ST:TNG - "Conspiracy" for the third time and I got stuck in Quake E2M1 having killed everybody but missing some secrets and since I always finish 100%/100%, I decided to stop until I have the mental strength to find the rest. So I did this, but I promise you, it's the LAST time I do this, if you break this one, I'm not going to do anything about it. Not that it's hard - 1st try, but it's boring.

I had to hurry of course because I didn't want to miss watching this great first-season episode for the first time ;-)

Also I ask anyone who plans to do this episode, PLEASE go to the secret level too, otherwise it's not as complete as a 100/100 entry should be.

If you want them, here are some comments about the levels:

E1M1: I half-hurried here. My best time is 0:37.

E1M2: I hate mazes, and I double-hate mazes full of troopers.

E1M3: I used the secret exit of course.

E1M9: This time I didn't show off jumping on all columns, I had to hurry (well, a bit).

E1M4: Another maze, but after doing it in 2:38 I knew where the monsters are. By the way, yes Wade, now I'm satisfied ;-)

E1M5: I was lucky that a trooper I somehow missed before hissed at me. Otherwise I might have left with less than 100% kills.

E1M6: An especially annoying maze as it's quite big.

E1M7: I didn't know how close I was to Peo's time when I started this one, so maybe I wasn't fast enough. But I'm still 1:26 faster than him.

E1M8: This is perhaps the most interesting part of the whole lmp because of two reasons: 1. I demonstrate how you can run faster than a rocket by strafe-run (diagonal running, whatever you like calling it). 2. I kill everybody in the final dark room, yes everyone is dead, verify it if you like.


Admin.: Don't disqualify me - please! - after all I supplied my own time table! Please? And I do wait 5-10 seconds in every end-level screen.


Yonatan Donner

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