Title: ep1-3853.zip
Filename: lmps/COMPET-N/doom/ep1-3853.zip
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Date: 07/01/96
Description: -)

This is just a .LMP I recorded for fun of the entire episode 1, including the "secret" level E1M9, with 100% kills/secret. It's the second time I do this (the first is in my free interpretation for D1SG-YZD.ZIP). It's not very fast, but it's not slow. Will anyone do better? It's easy!

My aiming in this one is terrible because of two reasons: 1. I didn't care much about it - DooM (1) is so easy. 2. I was just after a mouse practice so it was hard to return to normal.

I did get 100% kills in E1M8 because the last rocket in the "butchering room" kills the two remaining demons.

Admin.: Don't disqualify me - please! - after all I supplied my own time table! Please? And I do wait 5-10 seconds in every end-level screen.

I'll be happy to get some email with comments!

Yonatan Donner

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