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Date: 01/02/96
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Just watched Steven Towle's corresponding entry ... well here's a few words on it. Steven goes through E1M7 first, to charge up his Health/Armor to 200/200. IMHO, there's absolutely no need to do this ... if 100 % is the maximum one can get (like in E1M8), then that's it, period - just don't get hit once you picked it up ...! Anyway, of course I leave the Final Words Of Wisdom up to S.;-) aka. "The Judge" ... after all, that's what he's here for! :-)

I *did* include a .BAT with this, 'coz S.;-) takes good care of all the newbies out there. :-) However, I'm convinced that every serious LMP'er (like Anthe and me) has a highly-sophisticated one of his own to handle this stuff - right? ;-)

Thomas aka ZlatkO ThE GoDFatheR

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