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Date: 01/02/96
Description: -)

A significant time improvement compared to the current entry ...

Notes on the 100 % scorings: First, the 100 % kills can easily be verified with - IDDT - IDDT. The monsters in the final room are, however, excluded from the scoring (of course! ;-). Second, the switch in the right Baron chamber (which lowers the elevator) does *not* count as a secret according to Paul Falstad's DooM I Secret FAQ, so my 100 % secrets scoring is correct as well. :-)

I *did* include a .BAT with this, 'coz S.;-) takes good care of all the newbies out there. :-) However, I'm convinced that every serious LMP'er (like Anthe and me) has a highly-sophisticated one of his own to handle this stuff - right? ;-)

Thomas aka ZlatkO ThE GoDFatheR

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