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Date: 07/14/96
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After I recorded episode 1, I didn't want to record the other episodes because they were (I thought then) too large. Quake has come out in the meantime, but I've already finished it on "hard" and I wanted to wait before recording Quake demos (maybe the demo format will change soon). The final factor is that I went to the dentist and returned with half my face paralyzed, so I decided to kick some ass (revenge?).

First I tried some e1m1, but after 30 minutes of trying the best I got was 0:37, several times 0:38 and I gave up the 0:33.

So I recorded the entire episode two on ultra-violence with 100% kills and 100% secrets too except E2M5 (what didn't I find there?). It was very easy like I expected (first try) and I even got it half a minute under one hour.

If you want them, here are some comments about the levels:

E2M1 - Deimos Anomaly --------------------- A very easy level. I also did it in 1:55, which is the current COMPET-N record.

E2M2 - Containment Area ----------------------- A large, ugly, boring level. The entire level is crates, crates, crates, imps, demons. Oh yes, there is also one lost soul somewhere in there. I got lost many times, but the time is much less than I expected.

E2M3 - Refinery --------------- This level is not too bad. It's a little short. No special comments (sorry folks but I did kill the lost souls).

E2M4 - Deimos Lab ----------------- Pretty ugly level. I also did it in 7:33 in COMPET-N.

E2M5 - Command Center --------------------- A very ugly, boring, large, etc. level. Easy to get lost. It was nice having rockets here for a change. I did it in 9:58 in COMPET-N.

E2M9 - Fortress of Mystery -------------------------- A nice level with a nice idea. I did it with 100% everything and under par, too. (The par time should be 0:30 to suit the rest of the game, but maybe this level was originally designed so that the door to the keys won't be secret but will just open when you kill all baddies, Dead Simple style.)

E2M6 - Halls of the Damned -------------------------- Another ugly, large, boring etc. level. * YAWN *

E2M7 - Spawning Vats -------------------- Not too bad but not too good. I finished with too much ammo, considering that the next level is E2M8.

E2M8 - Tower of Babel --------------------- A nice one, it was easy killing the cyberdemon though I missed way too much. I didn't get hit throughout the whole level though.


Admin.: Don't disqualify me - please! - after all I supplied my own time table! Please? And I do wait 5-10 seconds in every end-level screen.

My home page (if you're bored or something): http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/4704 (/doom.html)

I know what you expect to find in this line, but no I won't write it here, I've had enough of writing it and I won't write it anymore. But to make up for it, I'll write: "I'm still waiting for The Final Doom to get to Israel." There.

Yonatan Donner

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