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Date: 11/17/96
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I recorded episode 1 a very long time ago with 100% kills, at the time I thought episodes 2 and 3 would be too long and boring to do. Then I did episode 2, and thought episode 3 would be too long and boring to do. So today I did episode 3, and yes, it was long and boring ;-)

This is my first try and I don't know the levels very well, so the times aren't great, I also don't like these levels too much, Hell Revealed will be so much better ;-)

There was a pause in E3M6 when I had to open the door (in reality, not in DooM ;-) but I removed it so the viewer will have absolutely nothing to disturb him when watching the lmp ! :-)

These levels are all very easy so occasionally I switch to fist and punch some monsters to make it more interesting (for me), I hope you don't mind. Not much else to say, these times really shouldn't stay here, so come on people, beat that !

Go to my homepage to get to the Hell Revealed homepage: http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/4704

Yonatan Donner

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