Title: 4633uv21.zip
Filename: lmps/COMPET-N/doom2/4633uv21.zip
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Date: 11/07/96
Author: Daniel "Demonlord" Lindgren

E-mail: akllin95@student.umu.se
Description: I think the 10 level recordings with 100/100 are one of the hardest things there is to record...

Level 21: Hmmm...

Level 22: Very easy level and fun to play in 100/100...

Level 23: Messed up the scene with the Mastermind a bit.

Level 24: I'm beginning to love those ledges... Not! Rather easy level in 100/100 because there aren't too many monsters to "control".

Level 25: Fun level but could anyone e-mail me about the shotgun guy who appears when I'm about to open the blue door. I just can't understand where he was hiding, I thought I checked everything. However he "uses" to appear from nowhere so I rechecked the area...

Level 26: Can be pretty tough, lots of Cacos...

Level 27: I got the last secret !!!

Level 28: Without a good plan it's quite a tough level.

Level 29: I hate the Cyber at the end he IS very hard.

Level 30: Hmmm... Could of course have been faster.

Author: Daniel "Demonlord" Lindgren

E-mail: akllin95@student.umu.se
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