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Date: 07/01/96
Description: -)

OK, I feel like writing a long text file, what with Quake and The Final Doom coming out and all, so I'll write a long text file. Apart from that I like writing long text files.

This level is very easy and it seems I now have 3 records in it (LV03-029, LV03-152 and FA03-154). This LMP is still not very good but I didn't work much on it (I don't think more than 30 minutes). There are still things that should be improved (Demonlord?).

I'd like to thank Peo Sjoblom for his feedback on my LV03-202, without him I wouldn't have done this LMP.

The ending looks ridiculous, I'm bumping into the ending switch but sometimes you have a good beginning but a bad ending.

Admin.: My last LV03-202 was in history.log as a level *2* entry and my name didn't appear there at all, only my email. Please put this as a level 3 entry both in history.log and current.tab and put my full name there if possible!

Oh well, it wasn't very long. Never mind.

PLEASE give me feedback!! I promise I'll answer!

Yonatan Donner

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