Title: lv04-123.zip
Filename: lmps/COMPET-N/doom2/lv04-123.zip
Size: 3.68 KB
Date: 05/22/96
Author: Kai-Uwe Humpert
Description: I can't believe it. Found a new way for this level. The start is slow and I have only little health left. The hidden Imps take two shots instead of one and I grab the medkits there. I leave the light switch so turn gamma correction and brightness up to highest level ;-) I don't jump to the yellow door, instead I wait until the way is raisen, but still this fast a time ? What time is possible here ? By the way, I tried e1m4-024 yesterday, and no chance at all ;-) A speed record from Steffen (the one and only DooM Schwarzenegger) that could possibly stay forever.
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