Title: lv30-824.zip
Filename: lmps/COMPET-N/doom2/lv30-824.zip
Size: 14.87 KB
Date: 04/08/96
Author: Kai-Uwe Humpert
E-mail: gazelle@cs.tu
Description: Even if it is annoying. (-timedemo ?) Evil Monsters are: Archviles Pain Elementals Ravenants Cyberdemon Spider Mastermind Heavy Weapon Dude The last 3 don't appear :-( I like: Imps Spectres Pigs (What's their exact name ? Demon ?) Soldiers SS Soldiers The last 2 don't appear :-( Indifferent are: Cacodemons (they climb the levels themselves) Barons & Knights Mancubus' Arachnotrons Seargents
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Editor(s) used:
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