Title: lv15-041.zip
Filename: lmps/COMPET-N/doom2/speed/lv15-041.zip
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Date: 06/13/96
Description: -)

This demo isn't very good. I also have many 0:42's and 0:43's that aren't good either. But the new route I discovered makes up for the bad performance. Watch it and see!

I used DKS in this recording to quickly turn. I hope it's OK, since it's possible to do this with the mouse too (?). If not, ignore this .LMP and take LV15-043.LMP, included in this .ZIP, as the right one.

Admin.: Is it ok to use DKS? A note perhaps?

PLEASE give me feedback!! I'll be very happy to get some!

Yonatan Donner

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