Title: lv31-259.zip
Filename: lmps/COMPET-N/staging/lv31-259.zip
Size: 7.11 KB
Date: 04/06/98
Author: Thomas "Panter" Pilger

E-mail: Panter@uni.de
Description: Uhhhh....my first D2-Max entry. I just wanted to get another 2-point record (DDL -1 TPP +1)

And now...if I counted the points correctly...I'm on the 1st place of Compet-N ((:

Btw: Try to kill 4 Soldiers with ONE SSG....(-:

07.04.98 19:18 pm CET

Author: Thomas "Panter" Pilger

E-mail: Panter@uni.de
Build time:
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