Title: H2HMudFE.zip
Filename: lmps/H2HMud/H2HMudFE.zip
Size: 245.87 KB
Date: 11/12/95
Author: & E-mail add's The H2HMud Wad Team: Dave Swift, orginal author, "Mud", SwiftDave@aol.com Jimmy Siebe
Description: This is an Offical wad for the H2HMud International Doomers Competition. : This is the Final Edition which combines H2HMud01, H2HMud02, H2HMud03, and H2HMudDX wads. The only difference between the Final Edition and the Competitive Edition is aesthetic: texture choices have been changed and a balance between H2HMud and id textures has been striven for which makes the game-play faster than that of the original versions of the wads.

(If you have a slower computer, you should play the Competitive Edition, H2HMudCE.wad, since in it, except for Doors, all the H2HMud textures have replaced by id textures resulting in much, much faster game play. :
Base: New level All from scratch
Build time: No way to tell: LOTS and LOTS.
Editor(s) used: DoomEd "The Real Thing" by Geoff Allen DMGRAPH By Bill Neisus - Wow! DeuTex Doom Construction Kit DETH NewWadTools
Bugs: The main bug in the maps is that their "reject maps" are not perfect. :(
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Too basic architecture, with boring level design and crappy texture replacements. 2.x
Very basic architecture and tons of ammo, but surprisingly good violent gameplay. Spam away. 4x

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