Title: The Competition Edition of the H2HMud wads
Filename: lmps/H2HMud/admin/H2HmudCE.zip
Size: 260.52 KB
Date: 07/02/95
Author: Dave Swift and the H2HMud Wad Team
Description: This is an Offical wad for the H2HMud International Doomers Competition.

This is the Competition Edition which combines H2HMud01, H2HMud02, H2HMud03, and H2HMudDX wads. Except for doors, all the H2HMud textures have replaced by id textures resulting these levels playing much, much faster.

There will be a Final Edition of these wads which uses H2HMud textures and be accompanied by all the the 1st place entries.
Credits: The Sponsors of H2HMud IDC: Advanced Gravis, BradyGames, Conquest Software, H2H BattleStation1, Pacific Media WorX, Sams Publishing, Sirius Software, Stonehenge BBS and Walnut Creek CDROM.
id Software for making DOOM.
Doomers around the world who have been this competition worth all the toil and effort.
Base: New level All from scratch
Build time: No way to tell: LOTS and LOTS.
Editor(s) used: DoomEd "The Real Thing" by Geoff Allen
DMGRAPH By Bill Neisus - Wow!
Doom Construction Kit
Bugs: There are still some misalinged textures and and other imperfections that will be corrected in the Final Edition. (We hurried to get this done for all of those who are handicapped by not having Pentium class machines.)
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