Title: dm1-fast.zip
Filename: lmps/doom/1.9/dm1-fast.zip
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Date: 09/24/96
Author: Yonatan Donner
Description: This is a collection of lmps I recorded the last couple of days, did a bit more than an episode every day, of all of the levels in the registered Doom I (not Ultimate Doom) with -fast, finishing with 100% kills and usually 100% secrets too.

I did this for fun, plus for recovery - I had an injured finger for the last week, and now I can finally play Doom again, so I thought to get used to the game again (as if ;-) but whatever) I'll do something like that.

In addition, I never played with -fast before except for a level 3 entry with 100/100 in 1:54... So it's quite a new experience for me. You can see in the first levels (episode 1) I am a bit unfamiliar with the way things go with -fast... also thanks to Tom Grieve for some of the routes, (ep. 3 only, only some of the levels) and being another good keyboarder! ;-)

If you have Final Doom, get the Final Doom lmp collection of which I was part, from the TeamTNT homepage (it's written every time you quit TNT: Evilution) or ftp.cdrom.com, or my homepage.

Comments... E3M7 has a short pause since I had to do something while recording... it's quite short though so don't give up! E1M1 is not as easy as I expected... it took me about 50-100 tries, I had to hide a lot behind corners since it is very hard to fight all of these strong monsters without dying. There is also not much ammo and a big health problem. JUST KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All of these lmps were a piece of cake of course, sooo easy ;-) I hope you realize who I am laughing at in the text above... check the earlier DHT Titles if you don't ;-)
Credits: id Software for the game Tom Grieve for about 3 of the routes Andi, Peo and Rich for the Final Doom collection, Peo also for d2fullgm which can teach a lot about -fast playing! Edo Yichie for being a dm partner and saying I couldn't do it, hi Edo, do you read this? ;-)
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