Title: e4m3uv.zip
Filename: lmps/doom/1.9/e4m3uv.zip
Size: 8.7 KB
Date: 09/22/95
Author: Ethan Arnold
Description: This level looks real hard at first but once you clear yourself a corner to catch your breath it isn't so hard. This was supposed to have 100/100/100 but only 90% secrets are possible due to a level bug and during recording I overlooked the berserk pack on the ledge next to the invisibility and backpack so I only have 80% items. After watching the demo again to make sure (you can see it in the corner as I turn around getting the backpack) I just didn't feel like recording the whole thing again, since I liked the rest (some nice things like lotsa imps falling off ledges when shot or sliding down stairs). I hope you'll forgive my not going back in there just to pick up the berserk :-)
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