Title: 14-uvns.zip
Filename: lmps/doom/ultimate/14-uvns.zip
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Date: 02/08/97
Author: Sven Vahar
Description: well, some time ago i suddenly got an idea of trying to complete levels without any shots fired and without punching or using chainsaw. first it started as a practice for smoother moving, turning, strafing etc, but then i realised it could be a challenge on its own. there are just a few levels in Doom1 that you actually can complete with no shots at UV and e1m4 is one of them. at first i thought it was impossible beacause of the end part (labyrinth) is pretty crowded when playing UV, but then i really found a way to do it. i advise you to try it at first and then only look my demo if you can't figure it out.

erm... if you look at the demo, then you see that at one point when i use a fist, but that is not for attacking but strategic purposes so it might be hopefully forgiven :)

btw, if you can complete e1m5 at UV with no weapons used (ok, ok at least not for attacking, it might be allowed for opening secrets, doors, switches and for making noise at the strategically right moment ;) please do send me a demo, i would like to see that. it is easily doable at HMP, but is it at UV?
Credits: id of course and Logitech for creating a good and pleasing feeling mouse to kick some demon ass with (heh, i am serious! really :)
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I wonder if the idea will catch on? It would be incredible if somebody could run a demo competition for this new style of play. Perhaps one day players might find a way to complete E1M5, or crack the one minute barrier in E2M1. We can but dream.x
Sweet moves!x

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