Title: d1nmfull.zip
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Date: 02/05/99
Author: Steffen "Rini" Udluft
Credits: All the people who have contributed to make this game so interesting. iD-software, COMPET-N admins (Simon, Istvan, Adam ...), all the COMPET-N players, DHT admin Frank and all the DHT players. Concerning this collection extra credits go to the guys that invented routes, strategies and tricks I use in my recordings. I will only name those who had the biggest impact (as far as I remember): John Keniry (routes), Robert Reevy (routes), Esko Koskimaa (keytrick in e4m6), Peo Sjoblom (routes), Yonatan Donner (routes and the templates for this description), Rudy Jurjako (jump trick in e1m4), Ilja Britvich (key trick in e2m7), Anthe Kren (routes), Anton Magneli (e1m9), Uwe Girlich (routes), Steffen Winterfeld (routes) and of course Branimir Beric who has played all maps except for e1m9, e2m6, e4m1, e4m2, e4m5, e4m6 in his collection named NMDM1BHB.ZIP Sorry, if I have forgotten to mention all the tricks I looked up in YOUR recordings.
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A good crib sheet if you're thinking of trying some nightmare demos. Plus plenty of helpful tips in the readme -Rybackx
Legendary without a doubt - pioneering work.x

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