Title: uac_dead.zip
Filename: lmps/doom/ultimate/uac_dead.zip
Size: 67.18 KB
Date: 01/17/97
Author: Matt "Viper" Maier
Description: Leo Martin Lim's UAC_DEAD.WAD is such a classic that I couldn't turn down making at least one lmp. This is just as good, if not better than Nightmare; UV on Fast - You HAVE to kill everything! Anyway, I know the .WAD is old, but it is still worth seeing if you haven't already. Great Job, Leo!
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The time is 35:51. Note that it is a Doom.exe 1.9 demo (not an Ultimate Doom demo - it will desync if played back with that due to the changed tag 666 behaviour).x
Well, I watched it for >5 mins on -timedemo... it's a long demo :)x

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