Title: badgald51.zip
Filename: lmps/doom2/1.9pwad/badgald51.zip
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Date: 01/28/98
Author: Bad Company
Description: This is Me and Galiu getting in a D5 1 game at JFL's January 1998 netparty at his house. After sleeping in half the morning on JFL's mom's couch, burning a couple hundred CD's, and playing in the 3-inches-thick ice in JFL's parking lot, we decided to get in some kickass Doom Games. I'm really surprised at how well I did against him here, I think this is the highest proportional score I've had against him to date. I'm slow to start moving well in this game, and I dont remember why.
Credits: JFL for once again hosting our netparty at his home and giving us all a place to sleep too, Sslasher and Galiu for coming to DMcon and showing us all how Map1 is supposed to be played, Kreuzin, ID, Deathlok for playing me all those times back when i really was *terrible*, and Xoleras for posting all of those LMPs of him playing Doom like pure hell.
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