Title: cygivlmp.zip
Filename: lmps/doom2/1.9pwad/cygivlmp.zip
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Date: 05/19/97
Author: Jason Henry
Description: (written 4/21/97):

I recorded this demo about two months ago, and since then I've improved my style of playing, so watching this demo sometimes makes me wince...also I was less familiar with the levels (especially The City) Still, this demo is one of my favorites to watch, and contains a few really fun scenes.

CYGNUSIV is by far the best level set I have ever played. All 14 levels run together, each map starting off where the previous one ended. The level of detail and realism is fantastic (perhaps a bit TOO realistic on Level 12 :) What really stands out is the music, matching perfectly the theme of each level, and creating a mood more evocative and engrossing than any Doom2 experience I've ever had.

One thing you should know, CygnusIV is NOT an all-out-in-your-face type of wad. If that is your thing, this demo will probably bore you. What's impressive here is the cohesive theme, the scenery, and incredible attention to detail -- sometimes I take a moment or two just to look at the sights. Monster battles tend to be small (except on Level 13!) but are well-paced, and occasionally quite challenging.

If you are watching this LMP to get hints about the levels, keep in mind that there are a few "silent switches" thrown to open secrets elsewhere. These are (the ones I remember anyway):

Level 1 **BOTH** paintings in the yellow key room Level 2 Texture in the northernmost room (behind the shotgun shells) Level 9 Bookshelf in the red key room Level 14: Texture in the extreme west room (w/ Baron of Hell)

Also, in the NE room of Level 4, the computer console must be shot to open the door to the soulsphere.
Credits: John Bye (aka Gestalt666), for creating the wad and asking me to become a Black Star Coven beta-tester. id software for the game Miller Brewing Company for inspiration
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