Title: dfearlmp.zip
Filename: lmps/doom2/1.9pwad/dfearlmp.zip
Size: 74.61 KB
Date: 10/06/96
Author: Yonatan Donner
Description: This is a collection of Ultra-Violence lmps for all 27 levels of Demonfear, finishing all levels with at least 100% kills (except level 24 where it's not possible) and maximum secrets (some levels have no secrets).

Why I made this collection? Well, I was trying to free up some disk space, and since all the Doom stuff takes more than 100mb on my hard disk I started there, then I found dfear?.zip which I must have downloaded some time ago. I didn't remember it so I checked it out to see what it is, then I saw that all levels there were small and nicely built so I just started recording them... And here is the collection.

Some comments:

MAP20 - in the end the archvile resurrects a chaingunner that was squashed so because of the archvile bug I end up with a ghost chaingunner which I can't kill since there are no more rockets in the level, so I just exit and still get 101% kills. MAP24 - 100% kills are not possible, at least I found no way to get these revenants out. I saw that you should try to "use" the lift to the yellow key and it opens the sectors they are in, not the door sectors. So I killed everyone that *does* come out.
Credits: id Software for the game Adam Windsor for the dfear? levels My fdoom-collection partners (Andi,Peo,Rich)
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These runs are fun to watch 5/5 x

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