Title: insanx4.zip
Filename: lmps/doom2/1.9pwad/insanx4.zip
Size: 234.32 KB
Date: 02/01/97
Author: Bad Company
Description: This is Pure Insanity at work....Me, Ronbob, and Ismail agreed to play with Galiu on Danzig 11 in a free for all at DMcon 96. Im pretty good at the map, Ron and Izzy are even better there, and Galiu is GOD. You would think that with the massive confusion a game like this would have that a good number of frags would go to luck; this proved untrue. Galiu tore us all apart like he does 1 on 1, and izzy and Ron's scores were the normal margin above mine.
Credits: Everyone who organized DMcon 96 especially RI-X, and Galiu, Sslasher and all the scary Canada Gods and family that came down to DMcon to play.

(my own credits here) Kreuzin, ID, My doomin' buddy Strike, Deathlok for playing me all those times back when i really was *terrible*, and Xoleras for posting all of those LMPs of him playing Doom like pure hell.
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