Title: jrm38-dm.zip
Filename: lmps/doom2/1.9pwad/jrm38-dm.zip
Size: 22.03 KB
Date: 02/10/96
Author: Yonatan Donner (Edo Yichie played but wanted no part in making this text file, he he he...)
E-mail: yonatan.donner@master.excellnet.co.il
Description: Which is better - the super shotgun or the rocket launcher for deathmatch? This demo shows that the super shotgun is better. I got jroom38.wad from someone at IFrag, and I didn't know if it's on ftp.cdrom.com, so since it's so small I included it here. It's a nice demo I think - I personally like watching 2-player demos more than 4-player ones because it's much easier to understand what's going on.
Credits: ID Software of course, and Edo Yichie for playing with me.
Build time:
Editor(s) used:
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