Title: mm12-uv.zip
Filename: lmps/doom2/1.9pwad/mm12-uv.zip
Size: 16.63 KB
Date: 02/20/97
Author: Yonatan Donner
Description: After an hour of two or trying to record my own Hell Revealed map24 I got frustrated and decided to finally see why this map has never been recorded... I liked the UV collection for Memento Mori, mmdemoup.zip, but I didn't know why there was no lmp for this map, and I never played it until today, so I always thought it was extremely hard... I was quite surprised to see a small, easy, badly-built level. The dark areas are not a big problems with gamma correction, the ammo problems I read about in mmdemoup.txt don't exist (unless it's because I punched several monsties ;-) My DMTHA (you can get it from my homepage) shows the hitpoints/ammo ratio is 0.77, which means that you are allowed to miss 23% of your shots, and with that berserk pack there is really no problem here. So after finishing it with savegames (to learn it) I recorded it... this lmp is my second try, the first one was boring in 14 minutes so this one is better. Statistics are:

Kills 100% Items 100% Secrets 0% (there are NO secrets in this map)

Now, I hope the level author is (not) reading this ;-)

The level is ugly! All the time gstone, no interesting places except maybe the area outside, horrible texture alignment... I can understand why nobody wanted to record it ;-)

Ok, enjoy the lmp!
Credits: All of the Memento Mori guys for creating this awesome wad id Software, for some "cute" games
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