Title: Memento Mori 2 take III - complete lmp collection
Filename: lmps/doom2/1.9pwad/mm2_3.zip
Size: 674.68 KB
Date: 06/14/98
Author: Chrozoron, Anders Johnsen, Peo Sjoblom and Henning Skogsto
Description: This is a collection of recorded demos (lmps) for all 34 levels of Memento Mori 2. All lmps were recorded on skill 4 (Ultra-Violence), ending with at least 100% kills and 100% secrets where it's possible, since the earlier collections are pretty boring to watch and one (Migruīs) is also incomplete since it doesnīnt show all secrets (map06) or includes a LMP with less than 100% kills (map20 with 98% kills although 100% is possible). We decided to add some spice and go for a pretty daring and speedy playing (contrary to the earlier ones). Our goal was to be 2 hours faster than the latest collection by Migru which we did with quite a large margin actually reaching 3 hours even though he didnīt do all maps (he wimped out on map19) so in fact it is even faster and we think he should have a "Time Sucks!" (plus 60 minutes) added to his total time for failing to do all maps..
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The best of the Memento Mori 2 demo collections, Peo was obviously stung by Migru's trash talking into producing his best work. The other players are just as good, if not better, even if you're a good player you'll learn watching them. And racing through those huge levels in record time does MM2 the service of looking better than it ever has.x

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