Title: obticdmo.zip
Filename: lmps/doom2/1.9pwad/obticdmo.zip
Size: 78.26 KB
Date: 07/24/96
Author: Andy R. Olivera
Description: All demos done Master Style(UV - 100% Kills)

Important! Demos were done without the special weapons patch. You must NOT install the weapon patch. If you do, the demos will not play correctly. You, however, must install the other patch. If you already have both patches installed, you must re-install OBTIC.

MAP01 - Easy. Imaginative, realistic design.

MAP02 - Medium. You have to know where to go and when, or you'll get overwhelmed.

MAP03 - Medium. It has some hard spots, but it's overall a medium level. Be careful not to get surrounded. There's not much room to move around.

MAP04 - Hardest. This level makes the original DOOM2 MAP13 look easy beyond belief. Watch as I spend over five minutes in the first three rooms, with only about twenty shells, no berserk pack or chainsaw, fighting off herds of Demons. This level has the toughest beginning in DOOM history, and that includes E1M3 with fast monsters.

MAP06 - Medium. I would rate this Easy if it weren't for a confrontation with some fairly hard to get to Pain-Elementals. Other then that, it was a breeze.

MAP07 - Easy. This level would probably be possible with Tyson rules.

MAP09 - Easy. I had tons of fun with this level. The design is awesome. There's an Arch-Vile and three Revenants, but they're all easy to snipe.

MAP11 - Hard. Good design, but a few too many monsters. You are given everything you need, but nothing more.
Credits: ID Software for DOOM. TiC for OBTIC11.ZIP
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