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Filename: lmps/doom2/1.9pwad/ttplmps.zip
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Date: 12/22/96
Author: Yonatan Donner
Description: I was looking for information about Requiem on Matthias Worch's homepage and saw this, the screenshots looked nice so I downloaded these. All that occured while I took a break from my Hell Revealed since the Doom engine didn't like one of the maps which proved too complex for it ;-) I played these and finished them with savegames, then I thought I'd try to record them, just for fun... The lmps are with 100% kills and secrets except when I didn't manage to get it after checking with a level editor etc.. These levels are nice, I don't like the style of building in some of them, but usually they were quite fun.


01: A really nice level, but way too long I think for a start level. 02: The baron & cacos trap is great, the rest is also nice. 03: Simply Easy actually, the trap with the new marine is funny... 04: In the start there is an ammo problem but later it's quite easy. I recorded this one and level 1 while talking on the phone, so if I appear deaf sometimes that's the reason ;-) 05: The archvile revived a spectre from above, how funny ;-) 06: I didn't manage to get more than 60% secrets on this one, I even tried checking it with a level editor, but 60% secrets is the maximum I got, however I get 100% kills. 07: Aaaaah, the buggy map ;-) It looked like the most fun level at first (the most challenging one), then I tried to record it but after about 15-20 minutes Doom crashed. Ok, I got quite angry, stupid bugs but tried again - this time it went quite fine, I survived the two only dangerous fights in the level (the two archviles and the revenants in the decreasing staircase area), but had to surrender to another annoying bug which caused me to get locked in a secret room with a door that couldn't be opened - watch the lmp to see what I'm talking about. Matthias, I can only record your maps if they are without bugs!! :-( And this one begins to remind me of TNT-31, finding a new bug every time you overcome an old one ;-) Anyway you can still watch the lmp, it shows how to finish most of the map (until the buggy secret) and the two hardest fights... the cyberdemon is quite easy in the large courtyard and the rest is really basic. There is also a pause in the lmp, about 5 minutes long or even longer, I didn't manage to remove it (the lmp didn't work), maybe somebody can. 08: A nice technological map with tons of small monsters, I prefer tons of large ones ;-) Also here I didn't get 100% secrets, only 75%, sorry... 09: What a funny ending map, not very challenging though! I hope the lmp shows the point, 17 second long without being in any danger ;-) I'm still thinking of Hell Revealed 30, I don't have any good idea, if somebody has, please let me know! (Hell Revealed is a megawad I'm working on, more than half is finished)

Ok, finished that, now I'll delete it and free about 17MB of valuable diskspace ;-)
Credits: id Software for the game Matthias Worch for The Trooper's Playground
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