Title: A desktop theme for Windows 95
Filename: misc/doomthm2.zip
Size: 564.7 KB
Date: 03/27/98
Author: Dave "NivRaC" Turner
Description: A desktop theme for Windows 95.All new cursors, high color, with cool sounds and wallpaper. Requires Plus! to install.

I wanted to create a Theme that was better to look at and better to listen to than the existing Doom themes that I have seen on the 'Net. To do this, I made all the icons 256 colors, as well as the mouse pointers 256 colors. I extracted new sounds from the Doom.wad using NWT, and tried to pick the best sounds for each event. Previous themes had some dork screaming "I will destroy you" or something to that effect that really ruined the whole theme.

I could of used the existing 16 color animated cursors that were avavilable, but they didn't fit in with everything else I did being high color, so I created new ones almost from scratch, using extracted .pcx's from the Doom.wad as my base.

Finally, for wallpaper, I chose the opening scenes from Doom and Doom2. I wanted to capture that very first feeling of playing Doom for the first time, when everything was knew. . . those were the days. You remember them don't you? You'll find them included in the archive. Copy both bitmaps to your Windows folder and you can switch back and forth whenever you choose the display control panel applet.
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it was crap,im kiddingx

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