Title: Music for "All for One", the first Co-op only Episode for Doom
Filename: music/a41_mus.zip
Size: 55.4 KB
Date: 05/26/95
Description: This is a set of replacement background music for all of E1 and three missions of E2 of Doom. It was originally intended to be be included in a41_coop.wad, but that's already mighty big and I've come to reconsider the dubious value of new music.

Still, I did work to find the best sounding .MID files to include, and rather than just write off that time I've provided them in this companion file. I recommend you add a41_mus.wad along with a41_coop.wad until the novelty wears off, then delete it. If any of the files strike you as particularly noteworthy, clip them out and re- assemble them with DEUtex (it's what I did).
Credits: All the people who originally sequenced the MIDI files I converted and compiled. *.MID files rarely come with documentation, so I fear I can't be much more specific. Also those who included some of these files in their WADs.
Base: Drawn from numerous MIDI files and Music PWADs.
Build time:
Editor(s) used: Midi2mus, musplay 1.5, DEUtex
Bugs: I understand that some versions of doom are touchy about music (from the documentation to the various TIC offerings). This was tested with 1.666.
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Those Nirvana MIDIs you've heard 9 million times before.x

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