Title: Absynthium Music Pack
Filename: music/absynthium.zip
Size: 131.33 MB
Date: 05/26/19
Author: dybbuk (aka Jerry Lehr)
Description: These are 35 tracks I picked from my large pool that haven't been used for Project Warlock or any other gaming projects. I had over 400 to choose from, so it took a minute. I tried to capture the dark vibe of doom in my choices, and was inspired way back when some of the earlier 2005 ones were made of course by Doom and Doom II.

So I'm giving the community a little official mix. Soon I hope to full remake the classic soundtracks with a different spin. Not just metal mixes but synth opuses. I may be talking out of my ass, but it's possible.
Credits: Synapse Audio, makers of Orion Platinum 8.5 and Erebus (Iain Lockhart) for finding me in this community and suggesting me for soundtrack duties on Project Warlock. They freaking flew me to Boston, MA for FREE!!!!
Build time: Years if you're being technical
Editor(s) used: Synapse Audio ORION and Sonic Foundry/Sony ACID
Bugs: Not everyone will have the same tastes
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