Title: Andrew Hood's Midi Wad
Filename: music/ah-mids.zip
Size: 8.87 KB
Date: 04/08/02
E-mail: Andrew_Hood2001@yahoo.com
Description: These midi orchrastations were created using a demo version of GUITAR PRO. That's why they are so short. If anyone can point me in the direction of a different program I can Download I can create longer midi files. All of these are origional Except THE X-Files Theme which I included for the fun of it.
Credits: So much inspiration everywhere...
Base: none
Build time: a few weeks
Editor(s) used: guitar pro 2 and 3
Bugs: the songs are a little short, but I can't afford internet access, let alone a professional music program.
Rating: (2 votes)
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Thumbs up for composing these tunes alone, though most are short and the x-files remake sucks ass 3/5 - Optimusx

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