Filename: music/awesomus.zip
Size: 194.92 KB
Date: 12/02/95
Author: Greg Kegel
Description: I just thought I tell you that this is my very first PWAD for any DOOM game. It is, I'll admit, a very simple, music only addition... but I'm still proud of it. This PWAD will replace ALL the music tracks in id software's Doom ][. That's right, 35 all new tracks for your playing and listening pleasure. The songs range from NIN's "Head Like A Hole," to Led Zepplin's "Kashmir." And they really do mix well with the Doom2 levels.
Credits: Most of the credit goes to the guys I learned from. This includes Dan Kirkpatrick, creator of the D2ROK.WAD v1.0; Ryan Shull, for the great Metallica songs; and Warren , one of the best MIDI sequencers out there.
Build time:
Editor(s) used: I built the wad using Deutex 3.4, a great tool, and Midi2mus.
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The author would have probably been blown away to hear that Map17's music -almost- made it into the real game! Pretty much every MIDI here is present in Dwango 1-6 or any other prevelant 90's wads.x

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