Title: Chiptune Doom 2
Filename: music/chipdm2.zip
Size: 1.43 MB
Date: 05/11/03
Author: Bloodshedder (Bill Koch)
Description: All the original Doom 2 tunes remixed into chiptunes via Impulse Tracker (IT) format. If you don't know what a chiptune is, basically it emulates the sound of the NES, Commodore64, etc. music engines in the form of tracker-based music (MOD, XM, S3M, IT, etc). It should be noted that these songs were converted BY HAND, without the aid of a MID->IT converter of any sort. In general, the drums are not the same quality as in most chiptunes, but better.
Credits: Tyler Pantella (picklehammer), whose MOD classes were my inspiration: http://picklehammer.slipgate.org/ Jeremy Elder (SgtCrispy), gave me pre-publishing listening and encouragement: http://3dactionplanet.com/doom/sgtcrispy/ Tom White (Hyena), who gave the first release of Chiptune Doom praise in Doomworld's /newstuff Chronicles. http://hyena.slipgate.org/ Dean Joseph (deathz0r), who gave version 1.1 of Chiptune Doom praise in Doomworld's /newstuff Chronicles. http://deathz0r.slipgate.org/
Base: New from scratch
Build time: Several months
Editor(s) used: ModPlug Tracker and MIDI Orchestrator Plus! for music, WinTex and XWE for inspecting and inserting into WAD files, WadPTR for compressing the WAD to save some space.
Bugs: There are some arpeggio problems in MAP32's music, D_ULTIMA, which is a bug in FMOD (the sound library ZDoom uses), so the song doesn't sound quite like it should in-game. The various module players in various source ports don't support crisp interpolation of the music, so the songs may sound a little cracky at times. If you want a fuller listening experience, save the music lumps to IT files, or look under "Web sites" at the end of this document to find them in their native IT format. The songs sound best in Winamp.
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