Title: Chiptune Doom
Filename: music/chipdoom.zip
Size: 1.31 MB
Date: 11/21/02
Author: Bloodshedder (Bill Koch)
Description: All the original Doom tunes remixed into chiptunes via Impulse Tracker (IT) format. If you don't know what a chiptune is, basically it emulates the sound of the NES, Commodore64, etc. music engines in the form of tracker-based music (MOD, XM, S3M, IT, etc). It should be noted that these songs were converted BY HAND, without the aid of a MID->IT converter of any sort. In general, the drums are not the same quality as in most chiptunes, but better.
Credits: Tyler Pantella (picklehammer), whose MOD classes were my inspiration: http://picklehammer.slipgate.org/ Jeremy Elder (SgtCrispy), gave me pre-publishing listening and encouragement: http://www.geocities.com/sha_nigtha/ http://3dactionplanet.com/doom/doomradio/
Base: New from scratch
Build time: Several months
Editor(s) used: ModPlug Tracker and MIDI Orchestrator Plus! for music, WinTex and XWE for inspecting and inserting into WAD files.
Bugs: The various module players in various source ports don't support crisp interpolation of the music, so the songs may sound a little cracky at times. If you want a fuller listening experience, save the musics to IT files, or look under "Web sites" at the end of this document to find them in native IT format. Certain songs had to be inserted multiple times, due to the nature of Doom's music, so the size is a bit larger than it would be if each song was included only once. As far as I know, there is no way to do this.
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The main reason I hate tracker modules is because each and every instrument I hear have pops at the end of each note. This is especially worse for more "pure" sounds (ones closer to square and saw waves), and boy is this full of it. It hurts my head.x
As much as I like chipmusic, this one is quite mediocre uneven in quality. Some stuff sounds really "chiptune" with arpeggio effects, deep squarewave bass etc., while others sound as mere sample switches or flat sinewave synthesis. The "realistic" drums also spoil the whole "chiptune" experience in all but a handful of cases. It doesn't have to be of Dubmood quality, but in comparison, even Bloodshedder's NES remixes are much closer to "true" chiptune. 3/5 -Maesx
Pretty cool. I love chiptunes. 4/5x
First reviewer is talking out his ass, 8bitsnd is sfx not music and ctf/dm are new songs not remixes. This a bunch of cool remakes of the original songs, with some familiar tracker-style effects added in. Sometimes they are quite true to the originals, sometimes they take on a groovy retro personality of their own. E2M2 and E3M1 are great examples. 5/5x
painful to listen to, it hurts my earsx
This is a bit disappointing. It's reminiscent of 8BITSND but not as good. It's basically the old Doom MIDI files with a different set of samples; unfortunately the samples don't sound cheesy or thin enough to be convincingly retro, and some of the noises have little pops. The drums are basically boring old GM drums. For a good example of how to do this really well, check out 8bitctf (id=13553), 8bitdm (id=12451), and 8bitsnd (id=11686).x

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