Title: Classic Doom Music
Filename: music/clsdmmus.zip
Size: 37.8 MB
Date: 02/02/09
Author: Devil Hunter
Description: I just made this wad/pk3 to replace the boring old music in Ultimate doom. However, this only works for episode 1. You can find the whole soundtrack at this link..


You can also get the awsome Doom 3 Classic Doom Mod, from this link:


I have contacted Sonic, and he said, "I would recommend you don't use the mp3's from the soundtrack I have on d3files.com.

What you should do is download the Classic Doom 3 mod, then open the pk4 and find the ogg's in there. Please use those because I have the looping set up for those. The mp3's aren't set to loop correctly, and people might wonder why Sonic Clang is an idiot for not making them loop friendly."

So with that said, that is what i did. I hope you enjoy it :p If i can find some good music for the other episodes, n doom2, i will make another one. Btw, the Intermission, n Starting screen music is from PSX doom. Witch can be found...


REMEMBER: In order for this to work, you MUST be playign with the Doom.wad, and ClassicDoomMusic.wad MUST be in your /Skins folder.
Credits: Full Credit goes to Sonic Clang for his awesome music, and Id Software for making the best game ever. And to the skulltag staff. :p

By Request by Sonic Clang, His Myspace url is: www.myspace.com/sonicclangmusic.
Base: From Sonic's soundtrack, and PSX Doom Wad
Build time: Eh, i would say it took me 10 mins or less
Editor(s) used: XWE, WinZip
Bugs: None of course, it's just Music
Rating: (17 votes)
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