Filename: music/clsmusic.zip
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Date: 06/10/94
Author: Michael J. Coyne
Description: Okay, this is a new collection of assorted classical pieces that I put together for Doom. Out of respect for Scott's great collection of music for Episode One, this CLASMUS.WAD replaces the music in Episode 2.
The composers are assorted, but as in Scott's package, I recommend playing through the levels first and then taking a peek at who the composers were.
Sources for these files range from the Internet collection of MIDIs, to a number of pieces arranged by a friend and myself (#3, #8 and #9 to be exact).
My list of composers is somewhat incomplete; if you can clarify any of the pieces, let me know.
Some of these .MIDs were a little quiet... I have increased the volume on some of them in Cakewalk Pro/Windows v2.0, so that they may be heard. Others I have left due to varying track volumes and laziness. You may need to turn up the music volume for some of the tunes.
All of these sound great on any General Midi device. I haven't listened to them on Soundblaster, so I can't guess what it will end up like on there... or on any FM device.
Credits: the original composers of the pieces, and to the mighty DEU, which I used to combine the .WADS into one. And of course MUS2PWAD and MIDI2MUS.
Build time:
Editor(s) used: DEU, MUS2PWAD and MIDI2MUS
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