Title: default dot wad
Filename: music/default.zip
Size: 936.82 KB
Date: 10/21/09
Author: Walter "Daimon" Confalonieri
Description: Bunch of midi music i downloaed trougth the time i waste in the world wide web 2.0, all stored inside a wad file. this one works for all doom, heretic, hexen and strife megawad. Some of this midis are also used in some other projects, released or WIP.
Credits: ID, for the fancy game! My family www.vgames.com (as usual) ralfseller's midi page bashe, jimmy91, fuzzballfox and paul corfiatis for some midi in this wad other people i forgot to mention
Base: New from Scratch
Build time: few minutes (really more than few minutes)
Editor(s) used: XWE, midi2mus, wintex 4.3
Bugs: some midi doesn't work on vanilla ports
Rating: (7 votes)
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The Music is Great! Sometimes when i'm reading or doing something, I listen to one of the songs. 4/5 - DoomGeek101x
This one is in my opinion the best music wad I gotten.x
BADASS! I LOVE IT! ALL BUT HEXDD.WAD! 5/5. Hexdd.wad is HeXen: Deathkings Of The Dark Citadel.x
Again - you could have let me known that you were using my music. -Bashex
This wad is the most pointless wad ever created. I like it for no reason - Brandy Bogard (formerly known as heh man)x
Automatic 0 for mention of fuzzballfox - heh manx

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