Title: Doom 2 Variations by Dimaension X
Filename: music/dimxmus.zip
Size: 38.22 MB
Date: 05/03/09
Author: Mr. Chris
Description: With the release of Dimaension X's "Doom 2 Variations" tribute to Bobby Prince's compositions for Doom 2, I quickly assembled a workable PWAD using the songs to be used in the game using a ZDoom source port. : Note I used 16bit mono in order to reduce file upload size but the songs still sound pretty good. If you want to listen to Dave's tracks in full quality, head to http://dimaensionxblog.blogspot or simply go directly to http://www.archive.org/details/the_doom_2_variations
Credits: Id Software, XWE and Dave Lanciani, the man behind the Dimaension X project.
Base: New from scratch
Build time: Couple of hours
Editor(s) used: Wintex, XWE, Goldwave, RazorLame
Bugs: With Skulltag 0.97D or earlier, saving a game on a "repeating music" map (IE MAP15) , quitting and loading up that particular savegame might cause the engine to play the MIDI file and not the MP3 that the MAPINFO lump points the game to play instead. Just a minor quirk that could be fixed by usingthe IDMUS cheat. ZDoom 2.3.1 is not affected by this problem nor is the latest Skulltag development version.
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