Title: 12oz Draft Music for DOOM1 v1.0
Filename: music/draft1_1.zip
Size: 82.48 KB
Date: 02/20/97
Author: John Wolanski
Description: This is new original music for DOOM1 based on songs by a heavy metal/thrash band I used to be in named 12oz Draft. Credits for individual songs are listed below in order of play. Names with an "*" next to them are author of the guitar solo for that song, for anyone curious.

APOCALYPSE!: Sawczak* Alice in No-Man's Land: Wolanski, Sawczak* insania: Wolanski* Hell Pirates: Wolanski, Sawczak* Aside: Butts* October Void: Wolanski* F.M.O.E.T.: Gawronsky, Wolanski, Sawczak* ...and Have You Ever Thought of Dying?: Wolanski Pain and Suffering.: Wolanski*
Credits: the artists: John "John-Boy, Saucey-Boy, Wolf-Boy" Sawczak -guitars Bob "Dirty Long-Haired Weirdo" Gawronsky Jr. -drums Jonathan "Demon-Boy" Butts -guitarist friend

I know this sounds corny but I love you all and will never forget you. *sniff* the game: id Software and all affiliated with them the editors: Olivier Montanuy-WinTex author of Midi2Mus the music stuff: Richard Johnson-SeqMax Yamaha extra thanks to: L. Ron Hubbard, H. P. Lovecraft, Ma & Pa Wolanski, Dan Mills, God, etc...
Base: new from scratch
Build time:
Editor(s) used: WinTex v4.3 MIDI2MUS
Bugs: this WAD was made using The Ultimate DOOM v1.9--if WADs made on later versions of DOOM mess up when played with earlier versions, then this one might?
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9 awesome MIDI files! These guys kicked ass if they played like this. Criminal that this music isn't seen in any popular Doom wads.x

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