Title: Music Replacement for Doom 1 Episode 1
Filename: music/e1mus.zip
Size: 27.31 KB
Date: 10/20/00
Author: Chris Laverdure (aka Dream Destroyer)
Description: E1M1: Shadow [Chris Laverdure]
E1M2: Jill's Life [Chris Laverdure]
E1M3: The mask of Seti.... Betrayel [Chris Laverdure]
E1M4: When Stray cats Attack... [Chris Laverdure]
E1M5: Freeze (Dedicated to Nicole Paterson) [Chris Laverdure, Mike MacDonald (Drum Ideas)]
E1M6: Dead Skin Mask [Slayer]
E1M7: Spirit In Black [Slayer]
E1M8: Generic Boss Music [Chris Laverdure] (Hey, it works!)

INTRO: Order of the Stray Cats [Chris Laverdure]
INTER: SiN [Chris Laverdure]
End Ep.: Lost world [Chris Laverdure]
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