Title: GOBLIN.WAD ( for doom2 )
Filename: music/goblin.zip
Size: 27.14 KB
Date: 05/11/97
Description: Music by Goblin ( not THE GOBLINS ) for maps 1,2, and 3. Some great horror flicks Goblin has done music for are: Deepred Suspira Buried Alive Demons Dawn of the Dead
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Whilst it's heartening to know that at least one Doom fan has heard of Goblin, it is nonetheless the case that the band's awful European instrumental soft-rock is famous entirely because of its association with Dario Argento horror films and George Romero's Dawn of the Dead. Rendered as General MIDI and put into Doom it sounds like elevator muzak.x
Zombie fans and Argento fans salute you. I would have thought hardly anybody in Doom these days has even heard of Argento. Making his and Goblin's work more known is one of my goals. Nice job and nice selections, if your still Dooming to read this :P.x

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