Title: Great NEW Music for Doom2 only.
Filename: music/greatmus.zip
Size: 156.33 KB
Date: 02/10/96
Author: Mike Fisher
Description: This has all new music for all 32 levels, AND for between levels, intro, end, ect. It has ALL kinds of music: some theme songs from some movies, 9" Nails, Green Day, Metallica, Alonis Morset, and some other places that I can't remember.
Credits: id Software and the "Alternating Currents Webpage"
Base: A level from many midi files
Build time:
Editor(s) used: WinTex 3.4, mid2mus
Bugs: I HAD a problem with the level 8 music crashing the game so I put a new song in for it and it works great now! (no bugs) ---------
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Green Day? - 0/5x
Not bad, I like it! 4/5x

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