Title: Extended Hell
Filename: music/haextn.zip
Size: 300.25 MB
Date: 04/24/15
Author: Mr. Chris
Description: Extended Hell is a more extended version of Hell's Ambiance, which the songs used are longer and likely makes the tension factor go up.

This features music by Jaxxoon R (Dark Ambient Pack on /idgames/), Kevin MacLeod and Purple Planet's royalty free tracks with the latter two modified to give the "Extended" tone.

This replaces both Doom and Doom 2 music if using ZDoom or GZDoom, but only Doom 2 for Zandronum. (See 'Bugs' for workaround)
Credits: id, Jaxxoon R, Kevin Macleod and Purple Planet Music
Base: Modified hellsamb.wad
Build time: A week or so
Editor(s) used: SLADE3, Audacity and Paulstretch
Bugs: Zandronum will not play Doom's music properly due to the lack of $musicalias support in SNDINFO. Workaround is to duplicate all tracks and rename them in a lump editor such as SLADE.
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